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WordPress is an online publishing platform that allows individuals to easily create and publish web articles with elegant format and intuitive content structure.

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Κάθε θέση στο WordPress αρχειοθετείται κάτω μια κατηγορία. Στοχαστικό κατηγοριοποίηση επιτρέπει θέσεις να ομαδοποιηθούν με άλλους παρόμοιου περιεχομένου και βοηθά στην πλοήγηση του site. Παρακαλείστε ...

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Atom este un mod simplu de a citi şi a scrie informaţiile de pe web, care permite utilizatorilor să uşor urmări de site-uri mai mult în mai puţin timp, şi să împărtăşească perfect cuvinte şi idei de ...

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A blogroll is a list of links to various blogs or news sites. Often a blogroll is "rolled" by a service which tracks updates (using feeds) to each site in the list, and provides the list in a form ...

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A character entity is a method used to display special characters normally reserved for use in HTML. Entities make it possible to write characters that would otherwise be interpreted as part of the ...

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CGI is a specification for server-side communication scripts designed to transfer information between a web server and a web-client (browser). Typically, HTML pages that collect data via forms use ...

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A capability is permission to perform one or more types of task. Each user of a WordPress site might have some permissions but not others, depending on their role. For example, users who have the ...

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Each post in WordPress is filed under a category. Thoughtful categorization allows posts to be grouped with others of similar content and aids in the navigation of a site. Please note, the post ...

Domain: Internet; Industri/Domain: Websites

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