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Pyrenees is a range of mountains that forms a natural border boundary between the France and Spain with a small country of Andorra in between them. The area is most popular for sporting activities such as alpine skiing and mountaineering during winter session. With these beautiful scenery and amazing features makes the Pyrenees a good haven for athletes to do high attitute training during summer.

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The Mount Louis is the world’s first dual reflection solar furnace that was built in Mount-Louis in 1949 by Professor Felix Trumbe who initiated scientific research and individual application in the ...

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The lake of Canet Saint Nazaire is a salty lake that has more than 200 species of both migrant and non-migrant birds, which make it to be unique and a place of interest. The lake is a favorable for ...

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The Salses Castle is an original Spanish castle that was founded in France’s plateau of plateau de Roussillon in Eastern Pyrenean Mountain region. This castle was built on a narrow flat streak of ...

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The Bouillouses Lake is one of the world natural sites that is most beautiful and is the greatest tourist destination. It has an impressive dam that was built in the beginning of the 20th century to ...

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The Marine Reserve of Banyul-Cerbere is at the fist of Alberes, it’s very fragile whereby every visitor who wants to enjoy the physiognomy and the beauty of Vermilion coast under the water surface ...

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Paulilles is located between Cap Bear and Cap de l’Albeille and it has a cove on the commune of Port-Vendres that has a shale shore with three beaches, which are the most beautiful natural sceneries ...

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The Nyer Reserve is a constituency of Py and Mantet that covers an area of 2,200 hectares with a sprawl from 730m to 2663m on its northern entrance that is characterized with spectacular gorges. The ...

Domain: Natural environment; Category: Forests

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