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Labud is one of Croatia’s leading producers of detergents and cleaning agents. In addition to the domestic market, its products are successfully sold in the region as well.

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Thanks to its special creamy formula and to the nourishing properties of milk and honey combined with vitamin B, this liquid soap repairs the skin and prevents it from drying out, while giving it ...

Domain: Personal care products; Industri/Domain: Soap

The excellent moisturizing and refreshing properties of olive and bergamot oil, combined with vitamin E, repair the hand skin and make it noticeably soft and supple, every day. Allergen-free ...

Domain: Personal care products; Industri/Domain: Soap

This liquid soap with antibacterial properties provides exceptional cleanliness and hygiene of the hands. Thanks to its rich foam, it is ideal for removing all the impurities and bad smells, while ...

Domain: Personal care products; Industri/Domain: Soap

This liquid toilet freshener with its special double-compartment design provides complete daily cleanliness, hygiene and freshness of the toilet, preventing limescale deposits and leaving a pleasant ...

Domain: Household cleaners; Industri/Domain: Bathroom cleaners

Hygienic wipes for cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene maintenance of the bathroom surfaces. Easy and simple to use, with a pleasant lemon scent.

Domain: Household cleaners; Industri/Domain: Bathroom cleaners

This ultra-strong drain unblocker is a powerful solution to unblock and keep clear all the drains in the household. Its efficient formula removes bad smells and disinfects the pipes without damaging ...

Domain: Household cleaners; Industri/Domain: Drain openers

Cleaning agent based on citric acid, ideal for the everyday cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities as well as other household surfaces. In addition to disinfect the surfaces with its ...

Domain: Household cleaners; Industri/Domain: Bathroom cleaners

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