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The glossary contains brief descriptions of most common billiards games, as well as the most commonly used terms in billiards.

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Eventual, cele mai populare din toate jocuri de biliard, opt mingea este jucat pe o masa de biliard cu sase buzunare. Este jucat cu 16 bile: alb, sau bila, şapte dungi şi şapte bile colorate solide ...

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A bola 8 é a última bola que deve ser encaçapada, depois de embolsar o grupo (sólidos ou listras) de sete bolas visadas. Encaçapar a bola 8 no início é uma perda de jogo. É geralmente preto na cor ...

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In pocket billiards games, "scratch" stands for pocketing of the cue ball. In most games, a scratch is a type of foul.

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In pool games, safety shot refers to an intentional defensive shot, the most common goal of which is to leave the opponent either no plausible shot at all, or at least a difficult one.

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Skittle is an upright pin, which looks like a miniature bowling pin, or a mushroom-like object, present in certain billiard games. Depending on the game, there may be one skittle, or several, and ...

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In eight-ball and related games, "open table" refers to the situation in which neither player has yet claimed a group (solids or stripes) of balls. The table normally stops being open when a player ...

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Object ball refers to any ball other than the cue ball, or in a narrower context, any ball that can be legally potted in a given moment.

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