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These products were once made and used only in the army, but are now used everyday by civilians.

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Invented in 1937. The dark shades of the aviator sunglasses were at one time necessary for test pilots pushing the limits of the airplanes. at high altitudes, a pilot's eyes could either be severely ...

Domain: Military; Category: General military

The technology behind the microwave oven was developed during World War II, At the time, the U.S and British militaries engineered the magnetron, which was the result of research conducted on radio ...

Domain: Military; Category: General military

Invented in 1940. Though four-wheel-drive technology had been around since the turn of the 20th century, by the 1930's, the military needed a scout car that could combine speed and versatility with ...

Domain: Military; Category: General military

Invented in 1942. In World War II, Johnson & Johnson's Revolt Permacell division developed the widely useful tape. The tape's ease of use, durability and water resistance made it ideal for sealing ...

Domain: Military; Category: General military

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