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Migration is an issue that needs a global approach and is currently being discussed on local, bilateral and global arenas. This glossary focuses on migration, the types of migration that exist and terms and concepts used in the migration field.

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The progressive adoption of elements of a foreign culture (ideas, words, values, norms, behaviour, institutions) by people, groups or classes of a given culture in order to understand and live in a ...

Domain: Culture; Category: People

A certified legal document, normally signed by a sponsor, guaranteeing full cost of maintenance to a migrant to enable entry to be granted into the country, frequently required for elderly migrants ...

Domain: Law; Category: Legal

Foreigners admitted by a country other than their own due to their historical, ethnic or other ties with that country. By virtue of these ties, the foreigner is immediately granted the right of ...

Domain: Culture; Category: People

There are two types of asylum: diplomatic and territorial. Diplomatic asylum: The refuge which States may grant beyond the boundaries of their territory in places which are granted immunity from ...

Domain: Politics; Category: International politics

The means to apply the existing norms and principles, both at the international and the national levels in the appropriate manner. Best practices may be translated into operational directives, codes ...

Domain: Politics; Category: General politics

Service rendered by a worker under condition of bondage arising from economic considerations, notably indebtedness through a loan or an advance. Where debt is the root cause of bondage, the ...

Domain: Politics; Category: General politics

Secret or concealed migration in breach of immigration requirements. It can occur when a non-national breaches the entry regulations of a country; or having entered a country legally overstays in ...

Domain: Law; Category: General law

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