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Modifying atmosphere is an effective method of food preservation by manipulating the food atmosphere. This is done by decreasing oxygen concentration and increasing the carbon dioxide concentration ...

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

Also known as electroporation, is a process of using a brief pulses of powerful electric field. This kills a wide array of microorganism by enlarging the cell's pores and releasing their contents.

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

The exposure of food to ionizing radiation in order to kill a wide array of bacteria, fungi, molds and even insect pests. This can result in reduction of ripening of fruits and slower rotting.

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

The use of antimicrobial food additives that inhibits microorganism growth; such as oxygen depleting additives which strips and inhibit food constituents of their oxygen resulting in a slower rotting ...

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

It stores food in an environment which has no air resistance and is completely airtight. In this way, the lack of oxygen kills bacteria resulting a slower spoiling of foods. It is commonly used in ...

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

A process of preservation of foods in liquid form. It was originally done to fight local wines souring. But today, this process is primarily applied to dairy products. The milk is heated and then ...

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

Food preservation that use specific microorganisms that can combat food spoilage and keeps pathogen neutralized by creating a toxic environment for themselves. Through this, a controlled condition in ...

Domain: Food (other); Industri/Domain: Food safety

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